Engagement Marketing

Engagement Marketing

Engagement Marketing can be a diverse and complex subject, but the basics entice and encourage your prospects and customers to actively engage with and participate in the evolution of your brand. Input and participation by prospects and customers is key. As an active participant in the brand experience, they are more likely to share that experience (and the brand) with their friends. These actions typically do not include a hard sell, although the path to a sale should be omnipresent. The sell is implied.

Example: Auto Manufacturer
As the sponsor of a popular TV show, an automotive manufacturer encourages viewers to go online to their website. Using a fun, interactive tool, the consumer learns about the car and gets to design their own with custom features and a personalized paint job and graphics. With their options saved, the consumer is encouraged to “share” their one-of-a-kind design with their friends through social media with easy links to post to Facebook and/or Twitter. With a click, their custom design (and the car makers brand and vehicle) is shared with hundreds or thousands of their friends.Those friends may follow the link and go on to design their own vehicle and the cycle continues…

Multiple Levels of Success:

  • Each participant sets up a profile and opts-in to receive more correspondence from the auto maker
  • The profile and car design offers insights into the individual
  • Trends and patterns might be found by examining all the designs as a group (marketing research)
  • Individual leads could be shared with local auto dealers
  • Continued engagement with the prospect could lead to a sale

This is just one example. Engage with Nonneman Communications and we can help design and execute your next engagement marketing initiative.